NITToh Zohki is today Japanese leading manufacturer of hydraulic pumps.

Nittoh Zohki is today Japanese leading manufacturer of hydraulic pumps. Over the past 68 years, Nittoh Zohki has acquired incomparable knowledge in a wide range of industries and is able to provide solutions for the cylinders, presses, valves, pullersNittoh and tools.

Nittoh Zohki was incorporated in 1950 and is today a leading manufacturer of hydraulic pumps for all industry. Our manufacturing factory is located together with our head quarter in Chiba prefecture in eastern Japan. Our sales office is located in Tokyo, and we sell our hydraulic pumps not only to Japan but also to customers around the world.

Currently, we are also focusing on the development of new products such as hard disk destroyers applying hydraulic technology. We are focusing on building a global network in the field of manufacturing. Today, we are expanding our business to the rest of the world, mainly in Asia, Europe and America. We will continue to make high quality products tailored to customers' needs in various regions of the world.

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