Modle No.DB-80SSD-E


Easy operation Hard Disk (2.5)&SSD Destroyer. 


 Destroy HDD/SSD in 15 20/ sec.

 Complies with DoD, NSA & NIST standard.


2.5"HDD / SSD and storage media physical

 destroyer, CD/DVD/Smart Phone/SD/USB

are available destruction with optioal adapter.


 Destruction method: Automatic Hydraulic Pressure.

 Application of pressure: 8 tons.

 Operation System: 1cycle: 40 holes / 2 cycle: 80 holes.

 Destruction Time: 1520/sec..

 Supported languages:Japanes/English/


 MAX number of contiunous operation: 200 units.

 MAX number of operation per day: 1000 units.

 Dimensions (WxHxDmm): 305 x 220 x 380 mm


 Weight (kg): 32kgs

Nittoh Crush-Box DB-80SSD-E  Solid State™and HDD2.5  Media Destroyer is the perfect combination of office shredder, disintegrator and Destruction shredder.

 It has the capability to shred several types of media, including solid state drives, M.2,mSATA,CDs/DVDs, USB drives and more.   

Crush Box DB-80SSD-E 英文カタログ3ppt.pdf
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Modle No.:DB-60pro-E


Professional Hard Disk Destroyer.


 Easy operation, Destroy HDD in 10/ sec.

 Complies with DoD, NSA & NIST standard.


Hard Disk Drive and storage media physical destroyer.

 #HDD crusher # hard drive destroyer.


 Destruction method: Automatic Hydraulic Pressure. 

 Application of pressure: 6 ton. 

 Operation System: 4 holes through the latters of Hard drive  V shape. 

 Destruction Time: 10/sec.. 

 MAX number of contiunous operation: 200 units. 

 MAX number of operation per day: 1000  units. 

 Dimensions (WxHxDmm): 220 x 460 x 380 mm 

 Weight (kg): 37kgs 

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