It is purchased by the  embassy.

Model HDB-30V-EHP  SSD/HDD Manual SSD and HDD Crushers



•Crush Box Hard disc drive and media physical destroyer

•No.1 best selling destroyer in Japan and Asia Pacific  !

•Compact portable manual HDD/SSD model with 3 tons hydraulic power with 2 shafts.

•Operation System:2 holes through the platters of Hard drive &SSD + V shape.


The Crush Box HDB-30V-EHP is a hard drive destroyer/crusher, capable of physically destroying various media, including hard drives, CDs/DVDs, cell phones, and floppy disks, ensuring that the data on the media is completely unreadable. Our fast & reliable solutions are ideal for environment-friendly and low-cost media disposal, parts recycling and data loss prevention.


NITTO’s Model HDB-30V-EHP SSD/HDD manual crusher easily destroys both rotational hard drives and solid state boards. SSD kit includes wear plate and Waffing adapter for holding solid state boards. Manual operation makes crushing drives efficient and versatile. Up to three tons of crushing force is exerted on hard drives, and destruction time is 10 to 20 seconds seconds or less. The heavy-duty steel anvil punctures and destroys the drive chassis and platters of HDDs, as well as chips found on solid state boards. Destroys drives up to 7.85″ high including desktop, laptop, and server drives. The HDB-30V-EHP SSD/HDD requires no electricity and is both user friendly and portable. Quality, solid steel parts ensure smooth and consistent operation. 



The HDB-30V-EHP SSD/HDD is the premier, low-cost solution for physical destruction of Unclassified rotational and solid state media.






It is purchased by the  embassy.



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